In order to provide the best session available, I will run it the way I see fit to meet both of our needs; My need to dominate and your need to be owned. I expect to be informed of any limitations: physical or emotional. Negotiation is the key and I will get all the information from you before we start. Let’s make it pleasurable and cathartic (or not <eg>). The sensations I deliver will bring us a delightful feeling of wellbeing and pleasure we both want and deserve.

Every session is different. I expect you to tell me what makes your heart pound and I will control those feelings throughout our time together. I will learn how you react and expand on those reactions or make you beg Me to stop. I will read your body language and the more you squirm, moan or cry out, the more I will respond and delight in your discomfort or pain.


If a cancellation is needed, please call two hours before our session time. Cancellations without at least an attempt to contact me will result in being black listed!!

Client must be over 21 and be able to provide proof, if asked.

I will NOT provide a session to anyone that is on drugs or alcohol. If I believe a client is in this state, I will terminate the session immediately.

There will be NO sex, do NOT ask.

I demand respectful behavior, at all times and I reserve the right to terminate a session at my discretion.

I always practice “Safe, Sane and Consensual” (SSC) scenes, as well as, “Risk, Aware, Consensual, Kink” (RACK).