January 29, 2023

Not being a Florida resident, it's been over six years since I've had the opportunity to session with Lady Mara. My bad for not noticing her now blond hair but I did recognize her great smile. A smile that shows how much she enjoys tormenting men. In between the floggers, canes, whips and a padded bat that she used on my back and ass, she would check in to see how I was doing and run her fingernails across areas she'd just tenderized (ouch but yes!). Overall a great experience and I can't wait to visit again. DR.



April 1, 2022

When I travel, I always look for ways to get my masochistic yearnings fulfilled in the form of corporal punishment. As I was perusing Twitter, I came across Lady Mara Leigh's profile and website. After reading the site and reviews, I was intrigued and set up a session with her while I was in the Orlando area. Upon arrival, I was greeted and given a tour of the dungeon and discussed expectations and limits. I saw a piece of furniture I've been dying to try out, a spanking bench with several points of restraint. It wasn't long before I was pretty immobilized on this bench and the beatings began with the cold caning I requested. She then followed up with several implements I'd also requested like leather straps, tawses, other canes and even something called a dragon tail. I loved them all. I had wanted to push my limits and Lady Mara Leigh did just that, all the while asking if I was alright. We did set up a safe word system that I never felt the need to invoke. Afterwards, she released me from my bonds and helped me from the bench since I was in a pretty good state of euphoria. We had a good talk afterwards where she asked for feedback. Lady Mara Leigh is a very caring person (even when she is beating you). She checked on me afterwards to make sure everything was still going well, which I appreciated very much. I've been doing this for about 20 years and she is one of the best I've seen. I will definitely book again when I am next in central Florida.



i have had the pleasure of serving Lady Mara for the past six months or so. i always have a fun time serving my Lady. i can never guess want she may have in store for me but i know it will be interesting. Will i be wrapped in the strait jacket? or have my legs hobbled and be gagged so she does not have to hear me beg for mercy? i also love that when i perform well i am allowed to massage my Lady's feet while kneeling in front of her. What i enjoy most about Lady Mara Leigh is her laugh as i am hung up by my wrists and she is amusing herself with my more sensitive areas. i happily await our next meeting.




I've been seeing Lady Mara Leigh for almost 2 years now. She's creative, accommodating, safe (very important!), and fun!!! I highly recommend her for almost any fantasies you may want to experience!



I had an amazing session with Lady Mara Leigh while visiting Florida
recently. She is knowledgeable, well equipped, professional,
experienced... and she'll kick your butt all over the place in the best way possible :) I loved it. It was a standout session. By the time it was over, I was completely spent, could barely think straight, and felt like putty in her hands.

I requested restrictive bondage, sensory overload, teasing, and a heavy
dose of tickling. Boy oh boy did Lady Mara Leigh deliver. I was bound to a cross in a creative way that allowed for barely any movement whatsoever, and was subjected to nonstop sensation play/torture that had me absolutely hysterical, genuinely begging, sweating, struggling to catch my breath, and flying VERY high. She was relentless. There were so many different things incorporated I can't even remember them all, but needless to say it freaking killed me. It was to the point of pushing limits, but never went too far. The tickling was especially unbearable! It was everything I hoped for. I wish I could be tortured by Lady Mara Leigh all day long, but haha I highly doubt I would be able to take much more than what she put me through in just a couple short hours. If I lived in Florida, I would be desperate to play with this amazing woman constantly. This was easily one of the best sensation-based sessions I've ever had. I highly recommend seeing her if you are in the area.

"I play, I laugh and *I’ll make you squirm all while you are begging me to stop*." Yes, this will happen, and you will love it.



February 20, 2019

As a confirmed Punishment and Pain addict I was always going to find it difficult on a long vacation without a session.  Some careful research, always sensible, led me to the door of Lady Mara Leigh and am I glad that it did!!  She immediately put me at ease and carefully followed up to clarify the information I had sent her on the session I wanted to experience.  She then told me to strip and proceeded to secure me to a caning bench and put her fabulous skills to work.  Over the next hour I experienced pleasure and pain from a variety of implements, some new to me (being from the UK I had never been seriously paddled...I have now!!) and some more traditional crops, paddles, floggers  and canes.   All were vigorously applied with skill and humor, but always within my limits....just!!  I don't tend to vocalize very much during punishment but Lady Mara seems to be able to sense how things are going and to adjust accordingly.  And to finish she gave me ten really hard cane strokes that are some of the best I have ever received and I still have the marks to prove it!  This is a Lady of great talent who can take you to places you need to go in a strict but fun way and you will leave with happy memories and a very sore bottom!!  Thank you Lady Mara Leigh...I really can't wait to see you again.    



You are exquisite in the practice of your art. Even sublime in balancing the pain and pleasure, physical and mental desires of your “guest”. Your awareness and control are superb, even when I am lost in my space. Indeed you know my desires - and limits - before I even speak. And you do all this with a devious smile that bids me ‘welcome’ to your world ... but makes clear that Mistress will have fun too. I look forward to seeing that smile again soon.




My session with Lady Mara Leigh was amazing! She answered the door dressed in black and greeted me with an inviting and beautiful smile. Once inside things changed quickly! After stripping and being made to crawl across the floor to her, my new favorite Dominatrix wasted no time in scolding me for my insolent and brutish misdeeds. I then received the severe punishment I rightfully deserved. Over the course of the session Lady Mara fashioned an experience I'll definitely never forget! The sensations invoked during our session were exactly what I had been craving and deserving. Thank you Lady Mara, your professionalism and dedication to safety are very consoling. You are a striking and wonderful presence, I look forward to our next session! Gary G.